Sunday, 20 November 2016

Reasons Why You Need a Professional to Paint Your Home Exterior

If you are like most homeowners, you may have repainted one or more rooms in your home over the years in an effort to keep your home looking great. Now that the time has come to repaint your home's exterior, you may be thinking about tackling this project on your own as well. While painting the interior and exterior of a home seem like similar types of projects, they actually are rather different in a few key areas. There are a few key reasons why it is best to let a professional paint your home.

The Preparatory Work
There is preparatory work required for both interior and exterior painting projects, but the scope of the work for the exterior is different. When preparing to paint the exterior, you may need to scrape away peeling paint, replace some boards and siding, re-caulk all of the surfaces and complete other steps. You may also need to add a coat of primer to the surface so that the new paint will take well to the surface. These steps can take a considerable amount of time and energy, and in fact, you may find that the preparatory stages actually take as much time or even more time than applying the final coat of paint to the surfaces.

The Safety Risks
It is important to take a closer look at the height of the surfaces that you will need access to and to think about the type of work that you need to do from that height. For example, to complete your painting project, you may need to scrape, caulk, prime and paint the top of the chimney, which may even exceed the top of your roof line at its peak. This may be 20, 30 or more feet in the air. Imagine standing on a ladder and holding onto the ladder with one hand while trying to complete this work and hold onto your paint can at the same time with the other hand. Clearly, this will require extra equipment, like scaffolding, in order to avoid injuring yourself, and scaffolding can be expensive to purchase and time consuming to erect and move around the house.

The Time and Effort
The last thing you may want is for your home painting project to take several weekends or more to complete. Your curb appeal during this time may be lacking, and you may find that the weather interferes with your ability to get the job done around your own schedule as well. This is a project that may take several men in a painting crew several full days to complete, so you may find it takes you two to four times this amount of time to complete the work on your own. Keep in mind that skilled painters may be able to work more efficiently than you.

Exterior house painting is quite a significant undertaking, and you do not want to underestimate the scope of the work that is required to get the job done. Nor do you want to start a project that you cannot feasibly finish. While you may save money working on the project yourself, this is not always the case if you have to buy scaffolding and other equipment and supplies. If you are thinking about painting your home's exterior, take time to request a quote for professional painting services today.

Why You Need High Quality Exterior House Painting?

One of the best ways to give your house a fresh look and a face lift is by repainting its exterior. Just like a good cosmetic, high quality exterior house painting can hide the age of your house and the hairline cracks and stains that would show the number of years it has been battered by the elements of nature. High quality paint can cost a lot but if you want to eliminate the need of another painting job after a few years, stick with paint products that are known for their endurance and durability.

Aside from aesthetics, here are other reasons for you to do that badly needed exterior house painting you have put off for a long time. First, high quality paint in the right color scheme can add value and beauty to your house. It is natural to feel proud of your house, which is probably your most valuable investment. Making it attractive and hearing people make positive comments about it can fatten one's heart and make him happy about life.

Second, exterior house painting protects your house from the harsh elements of nature. The walls of your house can get damaged without any protection against the sun, rain, wind, dust, snow, and event hailstones. With high quality paint, water cannot penetrate the pores of the wall, preventing retention of moisture that can eventually weaken the material used and incur damage. Dust particles can easily be washed away from painted surfaces because they are glossy and smooth. The heat from the sun is barred by several coatings of paint, reducing weathering that can cause cement or concrete to crack and erode later.

Third, a good coating of exterior house painting can fill thin cracks that can enlarge when left exposed to the elements. These tiny cracks will be closed, preventing water, dust particles, and other foreign bodies from entering and worsening your wall's condition. Wood is susceptible to these elements as well but a good coating of high quality paint can make a big difference.

Last, high quality exterior house painting can increase the market value of your house if you want to sell it. Buyers will prefer a house that will not need repainting for several years. This means that they do not need to spend for the repainting job in the near future. This will help them save money, time, and effort.

Remember that a good choice of color for your exterior house painting service can increase its market value. In the past, gray and other neutral colors are preferred but nowadays, people use colors that lend character to the house. Warm and cheerful colors are becoming popular as house owners realize how their choice of color can affect the ambience of their home. In addition, if you want to put your house in the market, you will have a better chance of selling it when the colors used to paint it are lively and cheerful.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Painting Your Office: What You Should Know.

Office painting is an important task when it comes to business. How your office looks will speak volumes about you as a person as well as a business owner. Before going around and hiring people to do the painting job for you, it is always good to sit down and plan how you want the job done. There is no need if rushing through the job only to end up with a mediocre outcome. Taking time and planning it all out will help you make the right decisions on what is needed and what will make your office pass on the message that you want. Below are several things that would make the office painting job a success:

· Choose colors wisely
It is important to choose the colors that you intend to paint wisely. The color that you choose should complement your surroundings. It should, for instance, accentuate the furniture that you have. This means that you should be on the lookout to ensure that the color of the walls does not clash with that of the furniture. In the event that you plan to purchase new furniture, you should at least have a mental picture of what they will look like and therefore paint accordingly.

Business-like colors
Again, when painting, you need to think of the colors that are business-like. You should try as much as possible to use those colors that are not too “shouting”. For instance, a pink color may not look too professional which means that you may not be taken too seriously. The safest option to go with is by choosing neutral colors. There are, however, instances where being able to choose the right mix of bright colors may make your office look really attractive. In the event that you are not sure how to proceed, it is best to consult a professional.

· Perfectly executed job
A good color will amount to nothing when the job is not done well. A well-done job will speak for itself. And unfortunately, a not so well done job will show even more. It is, therefore, crucial to pay attention to details. It is good to keep in mind that in business, you will be dealing with different kinds of people, some of whom are inspired or even turned off by different things, some of which may include the painting work in an office. This means that how the painting job in your office could determine whether you will get that deal which will redefine your business or not. There should be no drip marks or uneven color shades. The wall should stand out as a flat surface and not a wall just covered I paint. The finishing touches in painting jobs really matter.

· A job for professionals
It is hard or even nearly impossible for a poor contractor to do a great job. Surprisingly, most office owners seem oblivious to this fact. Some business owners will go to great lengths to ensure that the get the right mix of colors to use. Some will even pay huge amounts in consultation fees to ensure that the color that they choose is best for their business. After all the planning is done and everything else is set, they ruin the job on the execution part by choosing the wrong professional.

Knowing who to hire for your painting job is even more important as knowing what color to use. It is better to do a great job with the wrong kind of paint than do a poor job with the right kind of paint. A good job will help cover up small imperfections that would have actually stood out if the job is not executed well. There are so many painters in Singapore which mean that you will need to be extra careful when selecting one. Below are some guidelines that may help you in improving your choice on a professional:

· Past jobs: Knowing what a professional has done in the past is a great guideline on what to expect. Past contracts will give you an idea of how well and how fast a professional will do the job for you.

· Client reviews: This is another great way of knowing what to expect from a contractor. Positive review means that a professional does a great job. The opposite is true for negative reviews. Visit the professional’s website or do background checks on him. In case the professional is well-known in the region, ask around. Chances are that you will get a person who knows them one-on-one

· Price misconception: Many people believe that anything that is priced high is always god and that which has a cheap price tag on it isn’t so good. While in most cases this is true, while they may be right in many instances, this is not always the case. To avoid being hustled by a contractor, it is always good to research the job prices, by so doing, you will know what to expect from a professional. If their prices are too high or too low, seek a reason.

· A lasting contract: Before getting into something that you might later on regret, it is good to test the contractor first. You may, for instance, hire them for a small unimportant job, just to see how well they perform. Judging from that, you will know whether or not to hire them for the big project.

· Good relationship: Lastly, a contract will create a binding relationship between you and the professional; you need to, therefore, ensure that you can be able to work with the contractor at all times. This you can decide once you hire them for the subtask. If the relationship is not good, irrespective of how well they do the job, it will not work out.

The above are some of the key points that an office owner in Singapore will need to be on the lookout for. They may not always guarantee that you get the perfect man for the job but they will however to a great deal improve the choices that you make about your professional painter.

Friday, 22 July 2016

8 Myths On Office Painting

When it comes to creating a brand and a corporate image there is no doubt that the role of our office is quite important. It is therefore quite normal for us to find out ways and means by which we can keep our office in the best of shape and looks. We would not mind spending big money on our office and appoint the best of interior decorators and architects. However, we should be bear in mind that there are some unwritten rules when it comes to choosing colors and shades when it comes to painting our office. There are quite some common opinions and perceptions when it comes to selecting colors and when we plan painting our office. In fact most these unwritten rules are myths rather than facts. Hence it would be not be a bad idea to have a look at eight such myths which are not exactly based on facts but are rather based on hearsays and deep rooted beliefs which have no basis and are not supported by facts and logic. The earlier we get rid of these myths the better it will be for us and it will help us to give a great look and shape to our office.

Myth 1: The Ceiling Should Always In White Shade
This is perhaps the most common myth that we come across as far as office painting is concerned. There is a common perception that the ceiling has to be white or else the room will look dark and will not open up. While there is no doubt that white could help in better reflection when compared to any other color in your office ceiling, it would be wrong to assume that you must use only white and not other colors. In fact it has been proven that adding some other color to your ceiling could make people look up. This will make your office look much bigger than it actually is. However, for the best effects you must take into consideration the type of wall which you are using.

Myth 2: Dark Colors Will Darken The Mood And Environment
Basing color rules on the shades which are being used may not be the right thing to do. Whenever we talk about color rules we are basing it on its ability to source light into your office room. When we use dark colors in small office rooms it could make your office room look like a cave. To overcome this situation it would be better to use dark shades in the office room but to complement it with doors and windows. This will help the room to absorb light and make the room reasonably bright. Further you could use bright color as far as the flooring and furniture are concerned. This will help a lot in balancing out the dark colors. Darker colors are often referred to as masculine colors and light colors are considered as feminine. Hence it would be a great idea to have a correct balance to have that perfect marriage of dark and light shades.

Myth 3: Using Pastel Colors Makes Your Office Interior Look Feminine
This is another common myth which does the round as far as office colors are concerned. However, this is not the actual fact and there is no written rule to suggest that it would be wrong to use pastel colors with dark shades. In fact as mentioned earlier if you are able to use the right mix of pastel colors and dark shades you could create a great color combination which could be simply stunning. However, you must know which areas of the office should you use pastel colors and which areas should you use dark colors. Your architect or the interior decorators would be the best persons to guide you on this.

Myth 4: Each Office Room Must Be Uniform In Color
Whenever we talk about a corporate culture, we often assume that the entire office and the various rooms should have one common “corporate” color used on the side walls. While maintaining corporate identity is important insisting that no other color should be use is taking things a bit too for. At the end of the day office looks the best only when a number of bright and pastel shades are use. But there should be the corporate colors visible discreetly.

Myth 5: You Must Stick To Design Rules
Colors and designs go together and this perhaps is the reason why there is an unwritten rule and your colors must be in line with the design rules. In fact the decision must be left to you as the office designer and it must be something that should leave a good taste behind and should motivate and keep the employees in good spirits. You could use your gut feeling rather than being driven by opinions and so called rules.

Myth 6: Decide On Office Colors By The Day
There is another common myth that choosing colors should be done in the morning rather than choosing it in the evening. This is something which might be applicable for homes but here too it is more of some illogical belief than anything else. In fact the choice of colors has nothing to do with day or night. It has got more to do with the room layout as far as the office is concerned. In most offices natural lights are seldom used and therefore this should not be much of a problem.

Myth 7: Your Bosses’ Room Should Be Different From Others
This was the thought around a few decades ago but it no longer is relevant. Today, with offices becoming flat and even cubicle free, it hardly makes sense to have someone higher on the hierarchy to have a unique and separate look. It spoils teamwork rather than building it. It will also spoil the overall symmetry of the office.

Myth 8: Stick To One Style
Another common myth is that when it comes to office painting, we should stick to only one style. This again is not based on logics and ground realities. Today’s offices are all about being colorful and bright and being perhaps even unorthodox rather than following straight jacketed rules.

At the end of the day, office decoration should be something which should be a mix of both convention and modern day thinking.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

8 Painting Ideas For Office in 2016

When we talk about the productivity of your office, then a number of things or factors can affect the same and wall colours can be one of those things. If you wisely do the painting in your office, then you can give a new and amazing look to it that could be very productive as well. However, many times you do not get the optimum result because you do not know those things that you should do for painting your office. Here, I am going to give 8 painting ideas for office in 2016 and if you follow those tips, then it can give an amazing result to you for sure.

Choose the colour as per your work:
 This is a scientific fact that colours can affect your behaviour and your productivity as well. For better productivity in your office, you should try painting it with a colour that matches with your work. For example, if you have any kind of work that require more of physical work, then red colour could be the best choice for you. At the other hand, if you do some kind of designing or creativity work, then yellow would be best for you. Blue is known as the most productive colour option and green is great for environment related offices. So, do some research and choose a colour that suit best for your work and do the painting accordingly.

Compliment with extras:
 There could be a lot of things that you can use as extra for complimenting your office after painting it. If you will do the painting on your walls without having any feel in it, then you will get dull feeling from it even if you choose the best colour. I am sure, you would not like to have such boring and dull environment in your office after painting and that is why some extras such as painting or stickers could do wonder for you. This extra complimenting will certainly give a depth to your office.

Use paint that is not harmful: 
Many people do not know that paint can also harm the environment and your health as well. In 2016, it is advised that you make changes in the selecting of paint and you choose only a paint that is not harmful to environment or your health. When you will do the same in this painting process, then you will join the league of those people that invested their efforts, time and money in environment protection.

Use the light:
 Proper use of natural light is another important thing that you should do for your office painting in 2016. When you will use the natural lighting in office, then it will help you reduce your electricity bill and you will be able to get a really amazing outcome with it. The best thing about this method is that there are so many colours that are bright, but reflect the light and you can get a good result for same with ease.

Change your furniture:
 Indeed, furniture is not part of your office painting, but you should think about that as well. You don’t have to make a complete overhaul for your office furniture, but you should try to give a new look to same. If you have furniture that you can paint, then you should think about painting your furniture as well. This will certainly help you get a good look in your office with great ease.

Have contrast:
 While painting your office, it is also advised that you use the contrast colour scheme. With contrast colour scheme, you will get the feeling of bigger space and even your smaller office look really good and big to you. That is one trick for same. Along with that, you can also try to add some images to the walls of your office along with painting. These images could be simple painting or you can simply frame some good scenes and you can display that on the walls. That will give a nice and firm look to your office and you will be able to get a more confident working environment as well for your loved ones.

Try some wallpaper
: Although, painting is the best thing for adding colours and themes in your office, but along with that you can also try some wallpaper to give a depth and feeling to yours walls. You don’t have to paste the wallpaper on every wall, but only one wall would be enough for same. When you will have good wallpaper on your office wall, then it will be a good thing for you and you are going to get better look easily. The best thing about this option is that you can try floral prints, pattern or other things and you can have this outcome without investing much money in it.

Include your team members: 
If you really wish to get the best outcome for same, then it is advised that you include your team members in the planning of office painting. If you will not include them, then you might not get the best result with it. When you will have their opinion for same, then you will know what are the things that your team members want to see in the office. Also, they will tell you more about the colours or things that give negative feeling to them. As a result to that, they will be able to have a really good outcome and it will certainly be a great thing for you and your office productivity.

In addition to all the above suggestions, it is also important that you use only high-quality paint and you take the services of experienced professionals for same. This is very important because you might never get good finishing with it. If you will take the help of experts, then they will also give their suggestions and it will help you have a better outcome. So, along with all these things, you should keep this thing also in your mind and this is certain you will get the best painting for your office in 2016,

Thursday, 25 February 2016

What Is the Best Color to Paint in 2016

Painting is one of the best ways through which you can make your home look more attractive, inviting, appealing and refreshed. Painting your home with unique colors which suit your tastes and preferences gives you a special feeling of ownership and fulfillment. If you choose colors which appeal to your heart, your home will be a real home; since your home is where your heart is.

How you feel while in a particular area of your home is affected by the color of paint on it. The following tips will come in handy in helping you choose the right paint color for your needs.

Consider your furnishings. To choose a suitable color scheme, consider items such as window treatments, furniture, rugs and any fabric in your space. The look of your room will improve greatly when you repaint ceilings and walls with a color that matches the look of the rest of your furnishings. Remember not to choose too many colors as they make the room look busy, cluttered and almost disorganized. At most, you should choose four different colors for your Singapore home.

What informs your ceiling color decision? Light colors are the best to paint your ceiling with in 2016 if you love the idea of a large space. If that is the case, make sure that the color of your ceiling is the lightest in your room. The light color gives an illusion of increased space. On the other hand, dark ceiling colors make your space look squeezed and the ceiling lowered. You should therefore opt for dark paint color for your ceiling and walls if your idea of ideal space is a small, intimate and cozy space.

It helps to understand the psychology of colors. Different colors have different effects on your personality. This is because some color studies have revealed that colors too have characteristics; which are mostly warm or cool. Warm colors are orange, red and yellow while cool colors are purple, green and blue. Color red is usually said to increase blood circulation and heart rate and also stimulate mind and body. Orange is believed to cure the lungs and heighten energy levels while yellow is associated with stimulating the nervous system. Blue is associated with the ability to soothe the body and alleviate pain, while purple should be picked by anyone who wishes to cool down body temperature and encourage sleep or rest.

Choosing appropriate color for each room helps. Different colors create different environment in your home. Each room has its use and therefore not any color can be suitable for any room. For instance, the best color to paint in your recreation room in 2016 is orange. This color is made of yellow and red and so it is attention-seeking, expresses excitement and energy, and gives you a feeling of Halloween and fall. You therefore need to paint a space orange only when excitement and attention are necessary. Please note that, such colors are not suitable for living areas, bedroom or dining room.

Using red paint color in your Singapore home means that you definitely appreciate energy around. According to some studies, this color provokes conversation and is associated with a vivid first impression. The color may also stimulate increased heart rate and high blood pressure. Red also has the ability to bring up feelings of anger or hostility. It is therefore advisable that you choose red paint with extra care and use them together with more exciting colors for compensation purposes.

Blue family of colors includes soft-baby, pale blue and deep-rich royal blue. Blue in general stands for harmony, security and loyalty. On the bad side, blue color may cause dropped heart rate or blood pressure. This calm color can therefore be used to paint areas in your home requiring peace and harmony among other elements discussed here.

In 2016, you may consider painting color black if your resolution is to evoke formality and sophistication. It is quite a sexy color especially when it is painted together with animal prints. Black is in fact absence of color and a part of the neutral members such as white, gray and brown. As a neutral color it is therefore highly flexible but should be used with care, meaning that if you opt for black color, use it in small scales unless you are really sure of your idea.

If you are more inclined to nature recently, then green is the best color to paint in 2016. It is basically mother nature’s color of choice. The color is easy to look at and so it has a calming effect. In fact it has been believed to have healing effects on patients. If you choose the right shade of green, your space will give you the desired effects. Additionally, this primary color is virtually appropriate for any room in your home.

Yellow is the best color for your needs in case you want to express optimism, happiness and sunlight. It creates an excellent accent color in your space such as the kitchen. Bear in mind that, yellow is not recommended for baby rooms because they allegedly cry a lot in such bright areas as the color is difficult to look at. May be this is the reason as to why it is associated with high tempers. If you are a hot tempered home owner in Singapore, avoid making your situation worse by painting your home yellow in 2016.

In 2016, many Singapore home owners may wish to identify themselves with minimalistic, open look that expresses sterility, cleanliness, purity and simplicity. If i am talking about you then white is the best color to paint in 2016. It is a color that works well with others to create a unique look for any room in the house.

The choice of paint color for your Singapore home is a personal one. Different home owners have different tastes, preferences as well as requirements. You may use a tester can to see which color appeals to you most. Consider painting your home with a new color in 2016 for a renewed look as well as improved personality.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

How Does Sealer Help In Painting Wall?

Painting is one of the top home improvements, which is also recommended since it enhances the value of your home. In painting, there is more that is involved. A sealer, or sometimes called primer, is a vital aspect to consider when painting the wall. Sealer is essential when you are painting the interior walls of your home or business unit. Regardless of the brand or quality of paint, a sealer coat helps a lot. And it is quite a priority to consider when you are painting the interior walls.

Why should you use a sealer coat on your wall?

When painting the interior walls, it is advised to apply the sealer coat, before you can use the paint that you prefer. So, why is the sealer coat such a vital layer to consider when you are painting your interior walls?

• Perfect bonding layer

The sealer is known to have natural bonding agents. These bonding agents allow the sealer to stick to the surface of the wall. Even when the wall is old or new, the sealer will stick to it and make it to bond on tightly to the wall. When you apply the sealer to the wall, it will allow the paint to stick to it. With this, the paint will not peel off, like it would when applied directly to the wall. Some paints will not stick to the walls, especially with the old walls. Old walls can have a rough surface that is ruined by the oxygen in the air. Nonetheless, the sealer helps to make the bond and not peel off as it dries off.

• It preserves the quality of the paint

Another advantage of applying the sealer is that it helps to maintain the original quality of the paint. Some paints will lose the original quality when they are used on an old wall. When the wall is old, it will be chalky, damp, and it might react with the paint. The paint contains some chemicals, which might react with the content of the old wall. If the wall was initially painted, the paint could be absorbed, along with water inside the wall. As the new paint is applied, without the sealer, it can end up reacting with the wall.

The chemicals in the new paint can react with the old wall, and a new color will start forming on the wall. Other than a different color forming, the paint can start to crack when it is dry. This might be as a result of the reaction between the new paint and the old wall.

• It helps to seal off the cracks and holes on the wall

Regular paint might not be able to cover and seal the cracks that are on the walls. Nonetheless, the sealer helps to cover these cracks and holes when it is applied before the paint. That is why it is recommended to apply the sealer before painting the wall. When the cracks are covered, the paint will look and feel smooth when it is applied after the sealer.

When Do You Need The Sealer?

The sealer should be used in many situations, but it is not applicable in all the walls. Some walls need the sealer before applying the paints. Alternatively, other walls will need the sealer before you apply the paint. So when do you need to use the sealer on the walls?

• If the wall has a lot of stains

The sealer plays the role of covering the stain that is on the wall you intend to paint. With this, you will have a clean surface that you can then apply your preferred paint.

• If the wall has cracks or holes

If the wall is old and porous or has some cracks on it, it will need to be covered before applying the paint. The sealer helps to cover every hole or crack that is on the wall, thereby giving you a soft surface to apply your paint. So if the wall is porous, or if there are some cracks in it, you will need to apply the sealer before you start painting it.

• If the wall has flaked off in some areas

Suppose the wall has peeled off in some areas, leaving it to be unlevelled, it will mean that the paint will take the same surface. In the long run, the paint will appear to have some recessed areas, which might not be pleasant to the eye. The sealer will help to level the flaked off areas and make the final paint look leveled.

• If the wall is chalky

Most of the chalky walls tend to be slippery when you apply paint to them. The powdery surface will mean that the paint will not bond or stick to the wall. That is why some paint will peel off as they are drying on the wall. The sealer acts as an intermediary between the paint and the wall. So with the chalky surface, the sealer will create a sticky surface that you can then apply your paint. When the paint is applied, it will not peel off, even when it dries off.

• If you need to paint a dark colored wall paint

If the wall that you intend to paint has a dark color, the best solution should be to apply the sealer, which will then create a surface to apply the new paint. This also helps you to save money in the long run. A sealer tends to be less costly than a regular paint. So instead of applying more paint to cover the dark paint on the wall, you can apply the sealer to cover the wall. The sealer is also thick enough, and you might only need a single coat then you apply the regular paint. If you were to apply the regular paint in the dark color, you might need almost four coats to cover the color completely. This can be too expensive.

You can contact a renowned painting company to get more tips on how to manage your interior wall painting. With the sealer coat, it helps you to save money. Also, it will make your wall look elegant. Always choose a high-quality sealer to enhance the final surface of the wall.