Thursday, 25 February 2016

What Is the Best Color to Paint in 2016

Painting is one of the best ways through which you can make your home look more attractive, inviting, appealing and refreshed. Painting your home with unique colors which suit your tastes and preferences gives you a special feeling of ownership and fulfillment. If you choose colors which appeal to your heart, your home will be a real home; since your home is where your heart is.

How you feel while in a particular area of your home is affected by the color of paint on it. The following tips will come in handy in helping you choose the right paint color for your needs.

Consider your furnishings. To choose a suitable color scheme, consider items such as window treatments, furniture, rugs and any fabric in your space. The look of your room will improve greatly when you repaint ceilings and walls with a color that matches the look of the rest of your furnishings. Remember not to choose too many colors as they make the room look busy, cluttered and almost disorganized. At most, you should choose four different colors for your Singapore home.

What informs your ceiling color decision? Light colors are the best to paint your ceiling with in 2016 if you love the idea of a large space. If that is the case, make sure that the color of your ceiling is the lightest in your room. The light color gives an illusion of increased space. On the other hand, dark ceiling colors make your space look squeezed and the ceiling lowered. You should therefore opt for dark paint color for your ceiling and walls if your idea of ideal space is a small, intimate and cozy space.

It helps to understand the psychology of colors. Different colors have different effects on your personality. This is because some color studies have revealed that colors too have characteristics; which are mostly warm or cool. Warm colors are orange, red and yellow while cool colors are purple, green and blue. Color red is usually said to increase blood circulation and heart rate and also stimulate mind and body. Orange is believed to cure the lungs and heighten energy levels while yellow is associated with stimulating the nervous system. Blue is associated with the ability to soothe the body and alleviate pain, while purple should be picked by anyone who wishes to cool down body temperature and encourage sleep or rest.

Choosing appropriate color for each room helps. Different colors create different environment in your home. Each room has its use and therefore not any color can be suitable for any room. For instance, the best color to paint in your recreation room in 2016 is orange. This color is made of yellow and red and so it is attention-seeking, expresses excitement and energy, and gives you a feeling of Halloween and fall. You therefore need to paint a space orange only when excitement and attention are necessary. Please note that, such colors are not suitable for living areas, bedroom or dining room.

Using red paint color in your Singapore home means that you definitely appreciate energy around. According to some studies, this color provokes conversation and is associated with a vivid first impression. The color may also stimulate increased heart rate and high blood pressure. Red also has the ability to bring up feelings of anger or hostility. It is therefore advisable that you choose red paint with extra care and use them together with more exciting colors for compensation purposes.

Blue family of colors includes soft-baby, pale blue and deep-rich royal blue. Blue in general stands for harmony, security and loyalty. On the bad side, blue color may cause dropped heart rate or blood pressure. This calm color can therefore be used to paint areas in your home requiring peace and harmony among other elements discussed here.

In 2016, you may consider painting color black if your resolution is to evoke formality and sophistication. It is quite a sexy color especially when it is painted together with animal prints. Black is in fact absence of color and a part of the neutral members such as white, gray and brown. As a neutral color it is therefore highly flexible but should be used with care, meaning that if you opt for black color, use it in small scales unless you are really sure of your idea.

If you are more inclined to nature recently, then green is the best color to paint in 2016. It is basically mother nature’s color of choice. The color is easy to look at and so it has a calming effect. In fact it has been believed to have healing effects on patients. If you choose the right shade of green, your space will give you the desired effects. Additionally, this primary color is virtually appropriate for any room in your home.

Yellow is the best color for your needs in case you want to express optimism, happiness and sunlight. It creates an excellent accent color in your space such as the kitchen. Bear in mind that, yellow is not recommended for baby rooms because they allegedly cry a lot in such bright areas as the color is difficult to look at. May be this is the reason as to why it is associated with high tempers. If you are a hot tempered home owner in Singapore, avoid making your situation worse by painting your home yellow in 2016.

In 2016, many Singapore home owners may wish to identify themselves with minimalistic, open look that expresses sterility, cleanliness, purity and simplicity. If i am talking about you then white is the best color to paint in 2016. It is a color that works well with others to create a unique look for any room in the house.

The choice of paint color for your Singapore home is a personal one. Different home owners have different tastes, preferences as well as requirements. You may use a tester can to see which color appeals to you most. Consider painting your home with a new color in 2016 for a renewed look as well as improved personality.